The Hunt: Part 3

Welcome part 3 of our blog series ‘The Hunt’. This week our team at RhymeSource came through with 4 new artist that you MUST listen too. For those who don’t know, our team searches for new artists with different backgrounds and genres. We try our best to mix it up as much as we can. Make sure to check each artist out and show their music some love!


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.31.23 PM.png

D BARLO has been rapping for a little over a year and is pretty damn impressive. His fast flow and rhyme scheme as a package sounds very unique. A lot of his music reminds me of a young Meek but with a different style. Just like Meek or Tee Grizzley, he also has the ability to get you hyped or tell a personal story. With only a few thousand plays on SoundCloud, it seems if he is one great song away from getting the attention he deserves. His skill set and flow over instrumentals deliver the right combination for good content.

Location: New Jersey

Comparison: Tee Grizzley, Meek Mill

Top Songs: Grindin’Flexin’



2. Egypxn

Image result for egypxn


Egypxn only has 2 songs out on SoundCloud right now but is well deserving of being recognized for them. His biggest single “Summer Salt” is a JAM. Egypxn has one of those lows where he sing and raps at the same time on tracks but seems like he more of a singer. His two songs both fit today’s sing/rap genre like many artist have been doing. (ex: Uzi, Xxx, Trippie Redd, and pretty much everyone else). What makes him stand out amongst others though, is he actually good at singing so he doesnt need all the extra effects and ad libs in the back to smooth it out. His natural ability to sing  is a big advantage in today’s hip-hop world.

Location: Unknown

Comparison: Old Uzi?

Top Songs: Summer Salt, Out Of Body


3. Jack Harlow

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DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! I know what it seems like already. White kid, glasses, long hair…. “this kid can’t rap”. But your wrong. Very wrong. Jack Harlow is already 2 tapes deep with over millions of SoundCloud plays. He has a pretty solid following with around 60k on Instagram and 17k on SoundCloud. Not only are his numbers are impressive, but his music is very quality. Unlike today’s common sound, he actually spits good bars. He recently dropped an album last Friday titled ‘Loose’ and it does not disappoint. I can go on about this man’s talent but you just got to find out for yourself.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Comparison: No one really




4. LouGotCash

Image result for lou got cash

LouGotCash is making a name for himself. About 2 years ago he released his hit single “Make 10” which didn’t really get much stain until now. But the song has been trending and many people are realizing the talent this kid has. He has an upcoming album ‘Louniversal’ coming out very soon and hopefully it will  make an impact towards his career. He has been getting love and has features with artist such as Rich The Kid, Lil Baby, Dream Doll, and more. Although he is still coming up, there is no denying the talent he has. With one more single like “Make 10”, he might be the next big thing.

Location: New York/ Georgia

Comparison: Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Modern Lil Wayne (autotune)

Top Songs: Make 10, Pipe Down, Bitch In A Bag

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