Mike Will Always Made It

Nearing the release of the Creed 2 Soundtrack (it will be out by time you read this),we take a look back at some of the classic bangers Mike Will has produced since his early beginnings. From working with stars like Lil Wayne, Future, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Rae Sremmrd, and many more, it is very easy to forget some of the songs the Atlanta producer has blessed us with. *Queue in the “Mike Will Made It” sound effect*.


2011 – Tupac Back

In 2011, Mike Will was introduced by two of the hottest artist in the game. While Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and the rest of MMG was taking over hip-hop, Mike Will was quietly planting his seed. Tupac Back opened so many doors for his career and became the fuel to his rocket-ship to the top.


2012 – Mercy 

In between Tupac Back and Mercy, Mike Will was cooking up with the dynamic Atlanta rappers such as Future and 2 Chainz producing hits like No Lie, Neva End, and Turn on the Lights, but once he got that call from Ye’, a whole new beast emerged.

When GOOD Music established one of the best music labels ever, they quickly turned this Mike Will beat into a BANGER. Mercy was a radio hit the second it came out and did numbers right away. It was the number one song on the Rap and R&B charts and eventually peaked at 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song became Mike’s first platinum record (went double platinum) and continued to be a part of his hot streak.

Throughout the year he went on to produce some of the years best bangers like:

Rihanna – Pour It Up

Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance

Lil Wayne –  Love Me

Ace Hood – Bugatti

2013 – We Can’t Stop & 23


By then Mike Will already made it, but this just put it in stone. We Can’t Stop & 23 both ran the charts and the radio for pretty much an entire year. I am still unsure of how an Atlanta producer and a Tennessee vocalist became one of the best duos in pop and hip-hop, but something magical happened here. The combination of Mike Will and Miley had taken the nation by storm and amassed so many numbers. Both songs have over 800 million YouTube views… and that was before the streaming era. I could only imagine how big these songs would be if they were released today. But aside from the obvious, the success the two only lead to bigger things. Mike Will kept his streak going and Miley went on to become one of the biggest celebrities that year.

Despite his success Mike Will did not slow down giving us songs like:

Future – Sh!T

Rae Sremmrd – No Flex Zone & No Type

Beyonce – Formation

Future – Move That Dope


2016 – Black Beatles

The first #1! Upon producing Sremm Life and pretty much putting Rae Sremmrd on to the music scene, The group of three was back at it for Sremm Life 2. Before the album dropped their lead single Black Beatles took over the world. Not only did it become the #1 song on the Hot 100, it might’ve been the song of the year. Almost everywhere you went Black Beatles was playing somewhere. Even if you didn’t go anywhere there was a good possibility you saw it all over social media. The viral song became one of the biggest trends in 2016 as everyday people would record themselves frozen during the intro of the song then start dancing/screaming (lyrics) once the beat dropped. Not they change music, they changed the way music was marketed and influenced a whole bunch of songs like Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) and Juju On That Beat.


2017 – HUMBLE

Continuing on the mainstream train, the combination of Mike Will and Kendrick was an easy #1 for the producer. HUMBLE was just another one of those songs that you heard everywhere whether you liked it or not. He went on to produce DNA for Kendrick as well which hit #4 on the Hot 100. Both songs had success and eventually put Mike in a position where he could relax.


Since 2017 we haven’t really heard much from Mike Will until now. About a week ago, it was announced that he was the executive producer for the Creed 2 sound track. The project is set to feature some familiar faces such as Swae Lee, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Pharrell, J. Cole, and more. With all the music we were blessed with, I write this with excitement knowing that we will be getting a lot more tonight!

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