‘The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story’ Album Review

One year after SYRE, Jaden Smith delivers The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. In this 11 track mixtape, Jaden is able to showcase his versatility in hip-hop. From the modern trap instrumentals to the slower auto-tuned tracks, The Sunset Tapes provide a variety of new sounds.

For those who are obsessed with his hit single Icon, this tape give us songs that resemble that style. His standout single Plastic has that modern day trap sound where he just delivers bars. Opposed to Icon where the hook became the main focus of the song, Plastic is heavily focused on the verses. In my personal opinion, the hook isn’t even good. On Better Things, we get another similar track where Jaden proves he has a wide range of skill aside from his typical sound used on SYRE.

To keep his originality, the Jaden (sound) we all love is still there. In songs like FALLEN Part 2 and Rollin Around we get the slow auto-tuned vocals that made most of his career. Although these are not the better tracks on the tape, it shows that his creative theme is still the same while his skill expands in other areas. In Yeah Yeah, we hear a more upbeat melodic version of his older music and it is FIRE!

Instrumentally, we have a diverse mixtape tape on our hands. There are all sorts of tones and rhythms throughout the album that shift the vibes. For some people the diversity might be an issue, but as an artist, this is growth.  The mix of melodies and production demonstrates his creative abilities.

As Jaden matures into a complete hip-hop artist, we can enjoy the ride with him. His development in the last two to three years is spectacular. Since Cool Tape Volumes, we have seen so much growth. While he still experiments with new sounds and flows, Jaden has figured it out. About three years ago it seemed like he was still trying to find his niche. But after this mixtape, it seems he knows what direction he wants to go towards. From being “the son of Will Smith”, The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story finally gives Jaden that extra boost he needs to leave his father’s shadow.


Rating: 7.6/10

Favorite Songs: Plastic, Better Things, SOHO

Sleepers: A Calabasas Freestyle, Yeah Yeah 

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