DUMMY BOY: Album Review

While facing racketeering charges for a trial that doesn’t even being until September, it seems like this could be the last album we will hear from 6ix9ine.

Due to his on going charges, 6ix9ine’s management team gives his fans one last taste of his music before the drama unfolds. His team made a smart decision and released the album two days after it leaked allowing them scrape up whatever money they could make from the album before the leaked file reached everyone. In doing so, DUMMY BOY hit every streaming platform on a Tuesday; which is 3 days after the tracking week begins (for sales and statistic purposes). With that in mind, unfortunately the numbers will be askew. It is currently on pace to sell around 70,000 as the first week closes, but it probably would’ve done around 120,000+ with a normal tracking week (starting on Friday).

I want to point out that most of this review will be based off the album as a whole and not 6ix9ine as an artist. My reasoning is because most of this album has very little to do with 6ix9ine. Yes, I get it is his project and he is on every song, but he is not the reason why I consider this a “good” project. If I’m being honest, any other artist with this star-studded production/feature list would be an “Album of The Year” candidate. Let’s take a quick look of who this album includes:

Murda Beatz

Kanye West

Tay Keith

A Boogie With Da Hoodie

Nicki Minaj

Scott Storch

Tory Lanez

Lil Baby


Anuel AA

This album had no choice but to be good. It didn’t even matter if it was 6ix9ine’s album or not. This album was going to have hits regardless. For someone that made his career through solo songs like GUMMO and KOODA, he is very reliant on everyone else. Maybe he was just trying to soup up the album, but it also shows his lack of creativity. I personally think it tends to the self-realization that he does not have much talent.

Aside from 6ix9ine’s declined attributions, I do think the album is filled with hits. Songs like WAKA and KIKA are instant bangers. A Boogie delivers one of the hottest verses and hooks he has made in a while. The Scott Storch produced track has an instrumental that is bound to make magic happen and with the duo of A Boogie and 6ix9ine it was quite easy to find that magic. On KIKA, Scott cooks up a beat very similar to Kodak Black’s ZEZE (which he made as well). With Tory on the hook and 6ix9ine’s aggressive style, this  easily becomes one of his songs best to date.

On songs like TIC TOC and FEEFA, the features do most of the work. It sounds like 6ix9ine was featured on their song. Also, we hear 6ix9ine try to imitate the auto-tuned style of both Lil Baby and Gunna. I do not know why, but luckily his verses are short. In his most popular song MAMA he tries to replicate his style used in FEFE which doesn’t sound as bad but Kanye and Nicki Minaj take over most of the song.

Both BEBE and MALA are full spanish songs, that I can not give an analysis on but I do know they are doing numbers. MALA was released with the album and already has a couple million views amongst all platforms. While BEBE which was released two or three months prior has 421,000,000 views on just YouTube alone. If I had to guess, I would most likely say it is because the catchy instrumentals and the assist from Spanish superstar Anuel AA. But no matter the reasoning, 6ix9ine makes HITS!

Unimpressed with the performance of 6ix9ine, this album does come with tons of hits and will have an impact in the hip-hop community. The album will do decent numbers but as mentioned before they will be askew. Without the promotion of 6ix9ine himself, it will not sustain itself anywhere on the charts. Especially since 6ix9ine isn’t even trending. There hasn’t been any “Free 6ix9ine” hashtags or much support from other artists. But as 6ix9ine awaits his trial at least we have some DUMMY BOY to remember him by.


Rating: 7.7/10

Favorite Songs: KIKA, WAKA, STOOPID

Sleepers: KANGA


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