Best Lyrics From 21 Savage on ‘I Am > I Was’

Upon the release of his new album,  21 Savage delivers a wide variety of lyrical content. The East Atlanta rapper uses his new album I Am > I Was to distribute many aspects of his lyrical schematics. From witty wordplay to the ominous trap stories, 21 never fails to surprise us with original content.

I Am > I Was  had a handful of features that delivered some of the best verses on the album which might overshadow some of 21 Savage’s lyrics. But the verses that went unnoticed were some of his best to date.

After giving the album a few listens, we hand picked the best (21 Savage) lyrics throughout the album. Since his style is unique, the chosen lyrics are based off of his demeanor. Between the comical punchlines and his mischievous murder-rap, we’ve compiled a list for all the main reason we love 21 Savage.


break da law

“Had to put a bitch on pause / Me and my dawgs break laws / 21 gang ’til I fall / You could get hit in the jaw”

“The chopper can hit all of y’all / Your brother, your goldfish and dog”

“Can’t put my tongue on no bitch / ‘Cause I still kiss my kids”


“If you play the paint, I’ma go for the 3  / She don’t dribble balls, but she good with the D”

“Bullets so big, I could be in Zone 6, fuck around and hit a nigga in Belgium”

out for the night

“I was in my feelings, now it’s, Fuck Kiki”

gun smoke

“Ni**a, you got asthma, you don’t want smoke / Who want cancer? I’m giving out smoke”

“Savage, why you always rappin’ ’bout guns for? / ‘Cause, bitch, I fell in love with the gun smoke”

“Shoot at me with a handgun, that’s an insult”


Pockets on Cheez-Its, heavy on the cheddar / Run off with your money, Savage a.k.a. Jerry Heller”

“Too much drip, I’m rainin’, bought a Gucci umbrella / Why you always trippin’ bitch? You must look up to Ella”

“It’s only the first night and she keep tryna snuggle / I slept on my back just so I ain’t have to cuddle”

all my friends

“Crocodile wristband, 21 Dundee”

“Yo’ b**ch skate so fast to the d**k / That she’d even go and get a job at Sonic”

“Why you got a 12 car garage? / ‘Cause I bought six new cars”

can’t leave without it

“I got my K from Osama Bin Laden, lil’ ni**a he signed this shit”

“Closest thing y’all gettin’ to a handshake is the beat clappin’ /
Your mama gon’ have to make a GoFundMe, y’all niggas keep doing that sneak jabbin”


“Roll the window down, stick the Glock out / This chopper got a AMP, I’ma rock out”

“I done did a lot in the streets and them facts / PTSD like I came from Iraq”

“Don’t go big on me, you might get hit with this MAC”

“Richard Mille cost so much I could push a button and see next week”

“I do the BlocBoy JB on a brick / Make your crew do the Electric Slide with this stick”

pad lock

“I got rich ni**a problems / Tryna put a 50 in my joggers”

“Knew you was a rat when we was toddlers / You was always the cop, I was the robber”

“Y’all niggas wanted some pets / My ni**as wanted some Ks”


“You could dump me in the middle of the ocean, I’m still comin’ out dry /
You can leave me in the jungle with bears and tigers, I’m comin’ out fly”

“I’ll take the stand for my brother / Put my hand on the Bible, I’m still gon’ lie”


“Ni**as drop a mixtape, then they tattoo they face / Ni**as drop an album, then pretend to be gangsta”

“It’s either you against us or you with us  / Malcolm might get killed in the middle”

“Hit her from the back, need Geico / She got fat ’cause a nigga made her stay in the house so I got the b**ch lipo”


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